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Garden adapted for people with reduced mobility
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The idea of a garden adapted for people with reduced mobility was born from a meeting between the ‘La Valise’ group and the gardeners of the Prairie de Mauves meadows in Nantes.
Gardens and gardening have reputed qualities. They are a medium for social bonding and can help bring people out of isolation, can encourage the mixing of people of all abilities, as well as that of all generations, and fight the segregation which is often faced by handicapped people.


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TERRAform is a package that will allow the independent (whether by individuals or groups) use of one or several allotments by people with reduced mobility. This will involve having a special table made for grow boxes, which will be off the ground in order to allow people to work comfortably in the garden at ‘table height’. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, this table will allow gardeners to grow produce in full soil, while being face on with their work. The dimensions of the grow boxes have been calculated using arms’ width, so that the gardener can comfortably reach the middle and the edges of the grow box without having to move. The boxes can be joined together or kept separately, depending on the use and layout of the site. The adjustable nature and the lightness of the material of these boxes allows for great flexibility and easier implementation, easy storage as well as great longevity.

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Intended users The TERRAform adjustable garden has been created especially for people in wheelchairs, or those for whom standing up is difficult, and for implementation within family gardens, retirement homes, care homes, schools and other specialised clubs and institutions for the disabled, hospitals, physical therapy centres and private gardens. TERRAform has been in business since 2010 in France and Europe.



Support for creation and hobbies, therapeutic activity (such as physical therapy and horticultural therapy) as well as for educational purposes (activities workshops or raising awareness of biodiversity…)

Technical specifications

The TERRAform casing is sold both separately or in a kit (with wooden partitions). The grow boxes can be set up in minutes and this does not require the use of any cleaning products or specialist tools.

Materials: The casing is made of polyethylene, both recycled and 100% recyclable, whilst the sides are made from Douglas-Fir, wood without sapwood coming from French forests, untreated and sustainably produced (PEFC certified).

The TERRAform is compatible with organic and ecological farming.

Conception: La Valise association (Nantes)
Creation and rotational plastics moulding: Rototec (Ile et Vilaine)
Carpentry: ATAO rehabilitation workshop (Nantes)
Dimensions: Length : 150 cm / Width: 120 cm / Height: 80 cm / Volume: 0.8 m3 approx.

For quotes, conditions of sale,
and additional information upon request:

Collectif La Valise
21, rue Geoffroy Drouet
44000 Nantes, France
Tel: +33(0)251822187
For customers in the United Kingdom, please contact:

Steven Evanson (RedNewt Ltd),
tel: 07530 97 97 65



Photographic credits: Fort de Bron Family Gardens Association, Jules Rieffel agricultural college, La Marrière Institute for Motor Skills Education, An de Wisen care home, la folie des plantes 2010, le printemps des jardiniers 2011.

A project brought to fruition thanks to the support of:
The Chèque Déjeuner foundation, The AG2R Foundation, The AGESICA Foundation, The Archipel des Utopies Association, Chiffoleau Printing House, The FONDES, The MACIF Foundation, The CCAH, The APRIONIS Group, The Mornay Group, Pays de la Loire regional council, Loire Atlantique general council, the Urban Community of Nantes.

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